The love of the outdoors and of fishing that was instilled in pro angler Kyle Hall as a kid is never far from his mind. Fishing out of his grandfather’s boat, Kyle was pitting his skills competitively against grown adults at only 7 years of age. Wanting others to have these same opportunities, Kyle founded a charity for local children and teens to promote and sponsor competitive fishing.

Learning to fish and competing can have a profound effect on children who may be struggling. Learning new skills and mastering them is an accomplishment that builds confidence that will spill over into their everyday lives. Fishing teaches patience and perseverance which can be lacking in a world where immediate gratification is the norm; a great work ethic to carry into adulthood. Getting kids to unplug from their devices and experience the natural world is healthier for the mind and the body.

Remember the excitement of your own first catch? That memory lasts a lifetime. You can help. Sign up to learn more about what you can do to change a young life for the better.